If the cat is ill or injured please see Reporting a dead or injured cat.

Where the cat appears healthy, just lost or stray, these are things you can do to help find the owner:

  • Get some photographs of the cat and report to us by completing a found cat form . This ensures we have the necessary information to advertise effectively. Our volunteers may also be able to assist further.
  • Check our Lost Cat Register to see if the cat has been reported to us as missing.
  • If it is safe to handle the cat take it to your local vet to be scanned for a microchip (which is free). Please also ask them to sex the cat (male/female and whether neutered) as this information can be crucial in matching with reported lost cats.
  • Place a paper collar on the cat with a phone number to see if anyone claims him/her. It's best to do this in the evening when he's more likely to go home. Keep trying for 2-3 days, so if they lose the collar pop another one on. Here's our template for a paper collar you can print out - click on the image to download (PDF format). We can also provide some slightly more robust ones if you wish.

  • Create 'Found Cat' posters with a photo and display them in local vets, shops and other local business (asking permission first). We can produce leaflet/poster templates for you to print off.
  • Register the cat as found with Animal Search UK - this is a national register.
    Please note: if you require our assistance please report directly to us using our found cat form .

If the cat seems healthy, and well fed, then our advice would be to ignore it as it may just be looking for a change of dinner menu!  If it is still around your house early in the morning, appears wet or dirty, then it may be a lost cat or perhaps a stray.

If the cat appears hungry, please feed it.  Feeding a stray cat for a short while is the kindest thing to do whilst we try and find its owner, and ensures that it won't wander somewhere else where it may be in danger.

If the cat cannot stay, we can add them to our waiting list for rehoming. However, we may not be able to take the cat in immediately and they will have to be prioritised according to need.

You should also try other local rescues and lost and found databases listed on our Useful Contacts page.