Losing your cat can be a worrying and traumatic time and we hope the following tips and advice will help to reunite you with your cat.

How we can help

Please report your lost or missing cat to us by filling out a Lost Cat Form - if we are aware of any similar reported strays missing we will let you know. We will check the information and pictures you provide and create a page for them on our lost cat register which can then be shared out easily via facebook.

Things you can do to help find your lost cat

  • Make sure your cat isn't hiding or been shut in somewhere inside the home - check cupboards, wardrobes, the washing machine and tumble drier.  Then check outside - in hedgerows, sheds, garages, and vehicles, and ask your neighbours to do the same.  Bear in mind that a cat will travel across gardens rather than along streets, so check around areas that back onto your property.
  • Produce some flyers, ideally with a photograph: see our advice on Posters for templates and further information.
  • If your cat is microchipped, contact the microchip company to let them know and also confirm that they have your correct contact information.
  • Contact all local vets and other local organisations with a description in case your cat is handed in - please see Useful Contacts page.
  • Register your missing cat with Animal Search UK. This is a national register and we routinely check this for every stray admitted into our care.
  • Cats are inquisitive creatures and it is not uncommon for them to sneak aboard a lorry, van or other vehicle. When speaking to your neighbours check to see if there have been any deliveries around the time your cat went missing, or if they have had plumbers or electricians around. If so, contact the company as they may be able to help you trace the van's route.

Additional support

Your pet insurance may include help with advertising and reward costs, in which case it is worth contacting Animal Search UK about their additional services. See here for details Animal Search: Lost Pet Advice.


Remember - most cats do turn up, although sometimes many week or months after they disappeared.  When you do find your cat, please inform any organisation that you told so that they know to stop looking.